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Student Membership of AUUG Inc.

Application & Tax Invoice
AUUG Incorporated - ABN 15 645 981 718

Use this invoice to apply for, or renew, student membership of AUUG Inc. A different form should be used to apply for ordinary membership, institutional membership or a newsletter subscription.

To apply for student membership of AUUG Incorporated, please print out this invoice, complete it, and return it the Treasurer.  AUUG does not publish the private contact details for its officers; please send email to requesting the current treasurer's address.

Section A: Personal Details

Surname:      _______________________  First Name: ___________________________

Title:        _______________________  Position:   ___________________________

Organisation: ________________________________________________________________

Address:      ________________________________________________________________

Suburb:       __________________________  State: ________  Postcode: _________

Telephone:    Business: ________________  Private: ___________________________

Facsimile:    __________________________  E-mail:  ___________________________

Section B: Price

Please tick the box to apply for student membership. Please indicate if international air mail is required.

Renew/New* Student** Membership
$30.00 (including $2.73 GST)
Surcharge for International Air Mail

* Delete as appropriate.
** Please complete Section C.
GST only applies to students in Australia. Rates valid from 1st July 2000.

Section C: Student Member Certification

For those applying for Student Membership, it is required that this section be completed by a member of the academic staff.

I hereby certify that the applicant on this form is a full time student and that the following details are correct.

Name of Student:  _______________________________________________________

Institution:  ___________________________________________________________

Student Number:  ________________________________________________________

Signed:  ________________________________________________________________

Name:  __________________________________________________________________

Title:  _________________________________________________________________

Date:  __________________________________________________________________

Section D: Mailing Lists

AUUG mailing lists are sometimes made available to vendors. Please indicate whether you wish your name to be included on these lists:


Section E: Payment

Pay by cheque

Cheques to be made payable to AUUG Inc. Payment in Australian Dollars only.

For all overseas applications, a bank draft on an Australian bank is required.

Please do not send purchase orders.


Pay by credit card

Please debit my credit card for A$____________
Name on Card:  _________________________________________________________

Card Number:  __________________________________________________________

Expiry Date:  __________________________________________________________

Signature:  ____________________________________________________________

Section F: Agreement

I agree that this membership will be subject to rules and bylaws of AUUG as in force from time to time, and this membership will run from the time of joining/renewal for 12 months.

Signed:  _______________________________________________________________

AUUG Secretariat Use Only

Chq: bank _________ bsb _____-_____ a/c ________________ # _________________

Date: ________   $     CC type ___ V# ____________

Who: ______________                      Member# __________