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Introducing the AUUG Board

6 November 2008 Lawrie Brown, AUUG President

Lawrie Brown, President of AUUG, announces the new Board and outlines future plans.

Following the cooption of a number of people to fill the (many) vacancies on the current AUUG board, and following our first phone conference meeting last night, I am pleased to announce that the AUUG Board for the current period (Jul 2008 to Jun 2009) now comprises:

In addition, the non-board returning officers continue to be:

The board meeting last night, with 7 attending, had fairly extensive discussions on the current status and future of AUUG.  Apart from dealing with a range of administrative issues, the key outcome from the meeting was an agreement to hold AUUGs AGM on Wed 10 Dec 2008 in Canberra.  The formal notice is now being finalized, and will hopefully be emailed to members tomorrow, and a copy placed on the website.

As well as the usual business, and a motion to approve the current board, the agenda includes a number of motions authorizing the distribution of a number of AUUG's assets, basically along the lines discussed on this list.  It also includes the opportunity for the members to debate the future of AUUG, and it's relation to AUUGPS.  Members are encouraged to have their say here.

I look forward to hearing people's feedback.